Getting Started?

A)A) Just follow these steps to become a Bleditor™and spread your influence.

Step 1: Register: Just register on the site. Click on a confirmatory e-mail and log back in as a registered user. Click on the icon to become a Bleditor™. You are now all set.
Step 2: Go to your Bleditor Page: Click on the "my bleditor page" button on the top right corner.
Step 3: Create a Bledit™: Click on the "start a new bledit" button. Select a category for your Bledit, give it a title and a brief description. Start adding links to blogs and give each a title and a little description. Enter the alpha-numeric code you see at the bottom and you are done. You can preview your Bledit, and then click "Create" once you are satisfied.

B) If you need to create a new Bledition™ of your existing Bledit, just follow these two steps:
Step1: Go to your Bleditor™ page: Click on the "my bleditor page" button. Then, click on the specific Bledit™ for which you would like to create a new Bledition™.
Step 2: Create a new Bledition™: Click on the underlined title of the Bledit. Then click on the "Create a New Bledition," button. Then follow Step 3.
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