How to Start a Bledit

How can I create a new bledit?
Login as a registered user and go to "My bleditor page." You will see a button for "start a new bledit." Click on it, select a category of interest, a title for your bledit, and a cover image. Add a little description of your bledit for your readers, preview your creation and then click on "create a bledit."

How do I add links to my Bledit?
Once you have created a bledit, click on it to go to the bledit page. You will see links for "add a new link" and "delete" for adding and deleting links. You will be able to give a title to the link, the url of the link itself, and a little description. Once you are done, just click on the "create link" button. Make sure that you add all the links you need to before hitting the "Finish" button.

How do I create new bleditions?
Just click on your bledit and choose the "create a new bledition" button. The rest is similar to starting a new bledit.
If you have an existing bledition and wish to create a new one, you need to first click on the name of your original bledit right above its picture. You will see the original bledit and all its bleditions show up. Once again, click on the "Create a new bledition" option.

Can I delete a bledit that I have created?
Yes, just click on the bledit and you can delete a link or the entire bledit itself by clicking on the appropriate "delete" buttons.
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